The short life dividend token with an extra jackpot

An adrenaline-packed adventure named $RUSH

gemlabs presents $RUSH - a new game-like adventure on Base, which shares ETH dividends with its holders, rewards the last top token holder with an ETH jackpot and self-destructs after 30 days.

Lets break it down

A new token named $RUSH comes to live for exactly 30 days and then disappears. In that 30 day period the $RUSH token is tradable as usual and generates tax-revenue in ETH. Parts of that revenue is send instantly as dividends to all holders. Another part of that revenue builds up a large ETH jackpot, which will be awarded to the last top $RUSH holder before the time runs out. Once the countdown ends, all $RUSH holdings become zero and the jackpot is payed out!

The 30 Days Countdown

$RUSH is not about holding indefinitely; it's about strategic participation in a time-bound game. The token’s lifecycle is strictly limited to 30 days, keeping participants engaged and rewarded.

An official countdown on the app shows the remaining time. After the countdown ends, all token holdings disappear and drop to 0. A strategic behaviour is necessary to make the most of the the play.

ETH Dividends for all $RUSH token holders

A build in feature into the tokens contract is the ability to instantly distribute ETH dividends towards all token holders. As part of the tax-revenue, ETH is distributed in proportion to the $RUSH allocation into each wallet. Holding more $RUSH, means more ETH dividends.

ETH Jackpot for the last top $RUSH holder

To spice things up, we have build a jackpot component on top. Parts of the ETH tax-revenue is forwarded into a specific jackpot contract. This ETH jackpot will be paid out after the token destructs. The last top $RUSH holder, before the token vanishes, will receive the entire jackpot, that accumulated ETH from the tax over the period of 30 days. Probably a nice ETH amount.

The grand finale

As its clear that the token destructs after 30 days and all holding drop to 0, holders have to make a strategic decision at the end of the countdown.

  • Sell, because the value will fall to 0 after the time expires

  • Wait for others to sell and collect the dividends

  • Or wait for the raid and buy up $RUSH at the last minute to be the last top holder.

Food for thoughts

  • Early holders are rewarded, because they earn the entire 30 days ETH dividends.

  • A significant trading event is expected near the end of the countdown, resulting in substantial dividends. Holding until the end is thus rewarded.

  • Anyone can be the last top holder. Even a community driven contract

  • $GEM is constantly bought up on the open market and generates more yield for stakers.

  • $BOX receive a direct share in ETH and splits by its natural progressive allocation function.


  • Total Supply: 1.000.000 $RUSH

  • No team allocation

  • Uni V2 Pool: 1.000.000 $RUSH + 1 ETH

  • Liquidity locked

  • Ownership renounced

  • Buy / Sell tax: 5%

5% Tax Split

  • 1% dividends shared with all holders

  • 1% fills the jackpot for the last top holder

  • 1% buys $GEM and yields to stakers

  • 1% to $BOX holders

  • 1% to gemlabs

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