BOX on Opensea

BOX NFTs are more than just digital collectibles; they're potential goldmines waiting to be unlocked with their future cash flows.

Assessing Potential Value

Some BOX NFTs might evolve into substantial assets due to their future cash flows, making their value soar well beyond the instant gains from burning.

Secondary Markets

With an eye on such potential, we've facilitated trading on Opensea. If you sense that your NFT's worth might skyrocket, flipping it on Opensea could outdo the immediate gratification of burning it for rewards.

Strategic Selling

Ponder over the secondary market before you decide to burn your BOX NFT for its accumulated goodies. The sum you could rake in on Opensea might surpass what you'd get from burning, presenting a smarter way to cash out.


A 5% royalty fee on secondary market sales is our way of fueling further development and injecting more value into the gembox ecosystem, ensuring its vibrancy and sustainability.

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