$BOX Tokenomics

Here's a straightforward breakdown of the BOX NFT tokenomics

NFT Minting

BOX NFTs kick off at 0 and get minted every 6 hours, maintaining a consistent rhythm. This methodical pace results in a cap of max 1460 NFTs minted annually, providing a steady yet restricted stream of new tokens into the ecosystem.

ETH Rewards

Each BOX NFT is engineered to gather ETH rewards, fueled by the ETH received from auction bids. Imagine there are 11 NFTs floating around, and the upcoming auction for a new NFT closes at 5 ETH. This 5 ETH is then allocated across the 11 existing NFTs, thereby enhancing the holdings of their respective owners.

Progressive Reward Allocation

This is where strategic thinking comes into play. gembox introduces a cutting-edge method for reward distribution. Newer NFTs get a heftier portion of the rewards than the older ones. This method serves two key purposes:

  • Incentivising Participation: By rewarding newer NFTs more generously, the system motivates a steady stream of auction participation, tempting newcomers to jump in and place their bids.

  • Promoting Active Engagement: As premiums for the older NFTs decrease, holders are encouraged to weigh up whether to keep their NFTs for potential future value or burn them immediately to load up their bankroll and bid on the next auction.

This rewarding strategy ensures the gembox playground remains vibrant and absorbing, prompting both newbies and veterans to make strategic choices that affect their possible earnings and how they engage with the ecosystem.

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