$GEM Staking

$GEM can now be staked on our platform to earn native yield in additional $GEM tokens. By following these steps, you can maximize your $GEM earnings through staking on our platform.

How it works

  1. Access Staking Page: Go to app.gembox.wtf/staking and connect your wallet with $GEM tokens.

  2. Approve and Stake: Approve the amount you wish to stake and sign the staking transaction.

  3. Earning Yield: Your staked $GEM will accumulate an annual percentage return (APR) based on several factors, including your staked share, the total staked amount in $GEM, and the potential $GEM yield. The yield may vary depending on these parameters.

Collect $GEM

You can collect your accumulated $GEM rewards at any time by clicking the "Collect" button and signing the transaction. Collecting your rewards is not affected by the penalty period.

Withdraw staked $GEM

You can withdraw your staked $GEM at any time. However, please note that there is a 30-day penalty period.

30-Day Penalty Period

To prevent malicious activities such as staking and unstaking close to yield distribution times, a 30-day penalty period has been implemented. If you withdraw your staked $GEM within this period, 10% of your staked amount will be automatically retained and redistributed among other stakers.

Restake $GEM

You can increase your staked amount at any time by restaking your accumulated $GEM rewards. This will increase your total staked amount and yield. Be aware that restaking will reset your penalty period to 30 days.

Yield Sources

$GEM yield starts with two main sources: Equalizer Exchange Fees and Rewards & $GEM Bribes.

Equalizer Exchange Fees and Rewards

Trading $GEM on the Equalizer exchange generate $GEM fees and SCALE rewards. The accumulated $GEM fees are fully distributed among the stakers, while SCALE rewards are partially locked for veSCALE to vote on the $GEM pool, allowing it to receive more SCALE as LP and the other part is traded into $GEM and used as yield.

$GEM Bribes

A portion of the $GEM bribes also contributes to the yield. When someone burns their BOX, 5% of the bribed $GEM is burned. This percentage is adjusted to 2.5% burned and 2.5% distributed to $GEM stakers.

These measures ensure a fair single-sided yield opportunity for all stakers. More sources are still to explore and will be added.

Providing Liquidity to Equalizer.Exchange

Additionally, anyone can deposit GEM/ETH into the Equalizer pool to receive additional SCALE rewards.

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