A place for kick-ass token models

gembox has become gemlabs! A place for experimental token models. We are building an ecosystem of exciting new projects, each designed like a standalone epic adventure with extreme tokenomics. Every project creates its own value while always contributing to the genesis tokens $GEM and $BOX.

Our Origins

gemlabs started as a game-like project blending NFTs with ERC20 tokens, allowing them to influence each other via deflationary tokenomics. We introduced the genesis tokens $GEM and $BOX, which form the foundation of our ecosystem and will endure indefinitely.

The Mission

Our initial project broke the mold of conservative token design, creating an entirely new experience. This success inspired us to develop even more extreme and experimental token models. We aim to push the boundaries of what’s considered the norm and have fun doing it. We design token systems that challenge the status quo. Our mission? Break the mold, redefine what’s possible, and explore how far we can stretch the boundaries.

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