Claiming Rewards

Straightforward guide to claiming rewards in gembox

Claiming your rewards is as easy as participating in the auctions. Here's how you can seamlessly claim your rewards:

Connect your Wallet

Start by connecting your digital wallet to the gembox platform. This is the same address where your BOX NFTs are stored.

Claim Rewards

Look for the ‘claim rewards’ button on the platform. Click this button to initiate the reward claim process for your NFT.

Sign Transaction

To complete the claim, you'll need to sign the transaction. This step officially requests the transfer of your earned rewards into your connected wallet. f you're the proud holder of multiple BOX NFTs, remember that you need to claim rewards for each one individually. Each NFT's rewards are distinct and must be claimed separately.

Automatic Deduction

Be aware that 10% of your claimed rewards will be automatically deducted. This deduction is a part of the reward mechanism within the gembox ecosystem.

By following these straightforward steps, you can efficiently claim your rewards, ensuring that the benefits of your participation and strategic bidding are realised directly in your wallet.

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