Launch & Liquidity Pool

gembox takes you into a realm where high stakes game theory is wrapped up in the dynamics of two tokens, appealing to a challenging group of players who are aware of the delicate dance of risk.

When Launch?

Very soon! Updates will be published in the telegram group

Fair Launch

To ensure fairness, trading of $GEM will start simultaneously with the launch of the first BOX NFT auction. This ensures all participants have an equal footing as they step into the game.

Trading on a Uniswap V2 pool

We're setting up on BASE and utilising a uniswap V2 pool for our liquidity. It's important to adjust your slippage settings to accommodate the tax structure, ensuring your transactions proceed smoothly. Upon the deployment of the liquidity pool, trading is open to all, with the launch date and time to be shared with our Twitter (X) followers and Telegram community members.

Designed for Accessibility

The initial liquidity pairing is intentionally set with 1 ETH and 9 million $GEM to create high slippage and be unattractive for whales during the Token-Generation-Event. This approach makes it hard for high value buys at TGE and allowing participants with smaller wallet sizes to engage effectively.

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