$GEM Tokenomics

The $GEM token is a standalone ERC-20 token that plays a pivotal role in the gembox ecosystem. Let's break down its economics and distribution:

Token Allocation Overview

Total Supply10.000.000Active

Community: 90%


At liquidity pool launch

Team: 8%


6 month cliff and 12 month linear vesting

Marketing: 2%


12 month linear vesting

Fixed Supply

$GEM has a capped max supply of 10 million tokens, ensuring scarcity and value preservation within the ecosystem.

Community Centric Launch

Emphasising fairness, 90% of $GEM's total supply, along with 1 ETH, will be placed into the liquidity pool during a community-focused launch. This approach aims to achieve accessibility and fair distribution.

Initial Market Cap

This tactical initial placement sets a very low $ market cap equals to 1 ETH*0.9 and a fully diluted valuation equals to 1 ETH, establishing a price floor of 1 ETH*0.9/10000000 per $GEM token. Such an entry point is designed to encourage wide participation for early players.

Team Allocation

The team is allocated 8% of the total $GEM supply, subject to a 6-month cliff and a 12-month linear vesting period. This ensures the team's interests are aligned with the long-term success and stability of the token.

Marketing Reserve

An additional 2% of $GEM's supply is reserved for marketing, vested over 12 months. This fund is crucial for promoting gembox, driving adoption, and enhancing token value.

Fair & Inclusive

True to the ethos of decentralization, there are no allocations for venture capitalists or advisors—just a straightforward, fair launch to cultivate a robust and engaged community. The $GEM token's structure is crafted to balance immediate accessibility with long-term value growth, ensuring participants can join the gembox journey on favourable terms.

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